At EduCompass we guide
enlightened education.


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At EduCompass we guide
enlightened education.


Explore our Projects

At EduCompass we guide
enlightened education.


Explore our Projects

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Edu Compass Foundation supports children, educators and educational institutions to create a present and future of their dreams by releasing the hidden potential to create good in each and every individual.

The Edu Compass Foundation helps young people uncover and realize their potential to create a better present and future. We support educators and educational institutions to develop and expand their capacity to provide adequate, innovative state-of-art education.

We carry our mission by designing supreme-quality educational methodologies, courses and learning materials and providing services for educational improvement.

We believe entrepreneurship is not just starting a business, but a life philosophy and attitude towards life. Thus we teach, coach and mentor young people to develop entrepreneurship mindset, skills and attitudes.




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The Edu Compass Foundation offers trainings, consultation and coaching services for schools, universities and NGOs. We help educational organizations achieve their goals, overcome challenges they are facing and achieve educational improvement in any desired aspect of their services.

The team of the foundation provides analysis in a non – intrusive way without the old-school classroom observations, using an innovative methodology and supports educational administration and educators design, implement and measure effective and innovative solutions without extra work load for teacher and educational staff.


We firmly believe entrepreneurship is an attitude towards life and it cannot be taught it can be only developed. Such development requires adequate structures of activities, projects and values that each educational institution lives. It also requires that such educational approach is organically put in practice for real results. The Edu Compass Foundation team, with the leadership of Veselin Zefirov in that area, brings the right talent to consult educational institutions to implement entrepreneurship into their culture, practices, programs and curriculum in an organic way.

Should you be interested in partnering with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.




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Activities of thе Foundation

The Edu Compass Foundation aims to influence in a positive way the education system by complementing and adapting it to modern and effective methods for work and training.

Through training, counseling and coaching services targeted at schools, universities and non-government organizations working with young people, we aim to help them achieve their goals, improve the quality and performance of their activities, overcome the challenges they face, and achieve overall Improvement in every aspect of their work.

The Foundation team analyzes using innovative methodology, designs, implements effective measures and modern solutions without additional burden on the teaching and educational staff and without unnecessary presence that would disturb the stability of the learning process.

We believe that every young person has the potential to create value for himself and his community, to create his own reality. We believe in the right environment and support the element of each individual “awakening” as well as their natural, human desire to contribute and to live a meaningful life through which to achieve goals and to develop. We support the achievement of the goal of each educator and / or educational institution to provide guidance and support along this path.

The Foundation works in four main areas:

  1. Sharing good practices, methodologies and educational materials that support the core values ​​of the new educational paradigm.
  2. Educational services that we provide to schools, universities, care centers, institutions, organizations and all stakeholders involved in the education process.
  3. Establishment and implementation of training programs and methodologies aimed at capacity building at local and international level.
  4. A constructive and productive dialogue – by sharing materials, good practices, encouraging social networking and sharing of events in which we participate and organize, we encourage and create a dialogue that delivers sustainable results and continue to seek the most appropriate solutions tо the challenges in the world of education, the personal and professional development of young people.

We organise sustainable entrepreneurship training and mentoring programs for young people and we have already conducted several such with our alumni from career development workshops. The training programs involve practical games, role plays, group discussions and presentations and most importantly working on a real – life project and getting feedback for it. We seek a balance of understanding of basic principles, their application and personal reflection them making sure each young person develops the mindset and skill-set to contribute proactively in society.



Edu Compass Library

The Edu Compass foundation library is a project of the Edu Compass foundation collecting state-of-art educational materials for the free use of Bulgarian educators, teachers and trainers.

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Edu Compass Youth Club

The Compass Club is a club for young people aged 15-25 interested in shaping their reality and developing as young leaders, entrepreneurs and game changers.

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Career rEvolution

We have designed and led numerous career orientation workshops and coaching many young people to find and be successful in their element.

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Voccess Online

Voccess online is innovate career gamified career orientation platform which helps young people create a full element profile, create and execute a success career plan.

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Coolt is a methodology and program for young people aged 12- 18 for peace education through cultural studies. The program has been created and implemented for the first international school in Bulgaria.

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The Dream School

The dream school is a three – day leadership and entrepreneurship workshop that teaches students aged 15-19 how to set goals, manage project and have impact in their immediate community.

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Mobile Citizenship School

This is a project the Edu Compass foundation has mentored and Atanas Mihnev has conceived presented at international conferences and is currently looking for partners to put in place.

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The Compass

The Edu Compass foundation library is a project of the Edu Compass foundation collecting state- of -art educational materials for the free use of Bulgarian educators, teachers and trainers.

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Elitsa Kostova

Director, content developer and trainer

Elitsa is a passionate visionary and conceiver of the idea of enlightened education. Master of educational leadership and management, Elitsa is a creator of educational programs, trainings and methodologies. Elitsa is a life and career coach, mentor and trainer of leaders for the International Duke of Edinburgh Award program. Her life passion is to support young people discover their element and build a career they love. Elitsa has presented in international educational conferences, led workshops for Teach for Bulgaria and mentored many educators and social entrepreneurs. She was an expert in the first Bulgarian Academy for Social Entrepreneurs. Elitsa is co-author and co- founder of the self- coaching game The Path of Dreams and the online personal growth program 1ot100 and has mentored and coached over 200 young people who have found and live their element.

Veselin Zefirov


Veselin (Vess) is a passionate entrepreneur with extenstive experience in corporate banking , working with NGOs and projects for youth. He have a small consulting company and a bold vision for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship training as well as career orientation for young people which contributes to the sustainability and depth of all programs offered by the foundation.

In addition Veselin brings great skill-set in finance, marketing, design, leadership and project management . He is responsible for the growth and development of the mission carried out by the foundation.

Maria Harizanova

CPO, content developer and trainer

Maria has a master degree in management and finance, a background in project management, leadership and motivation. Maria is interested in creative writing, cultural awareness and psychology. She believes we are here to constantly move through experience from ignorance to knowledge while mastering life. In the Edu Compass Foundation’s team Maria provides procedures and guidance in the fields of project management, organizational change and processes. She also acts as content developer and trainer. She is the driving force behind lots of our inspirational works.


Teodora Manova

Teodora Manova is a Master in Project Management and partner in a small consulting company. She has extensive experience in marketing and Erasmus + projects. Her role in the Foundation is preparation and event management, leading events and initiatives. Teodora is also responsible for key partnerships within the foundation.

Karina Karagaeva

Marketing and PR manager, content developer and trainer

Karina has colorful working experience with companies such as Apple, IBM and Xerox where she provided creative solutions to resolve issues in the working environment. She is a corporate trainer, meditation instructor and entrepreneur.

Karina is interested in psychology, coaching and self improvement techniques and she loves to experiment and combine the best of the best from every methodology. She conducts seminars and develops the content for career orientation and career development programs.

Milen Velikov

HR Guru and HR manager

Milen Velikov is an HR manager, currently working for Ecopharm and previously for Actavis where he has managed over 350 employees as well as Societe Generale. Milen won several awards for The Company Value Award in Actavis where he has started as an intern and climb the leader towards an HR manager. Milen has been awarded “HR Rising Star of the Year” for 2015 by the Bulgarian Association For People Management as well as the “Young HR Manager” award granted by The National Gold Prize Human Resources of HR Magazine. He provides content for leading HR media, has various master’s degrees and is working on his PhD for the Bulgarian Science Association.

Milen has a degree in Human Resource Management issued by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and is a certified career consultant by the Global Career Development Facilitator ( GCDF USA).

Within the Foundation Milen is responsible for the creation of state-of-art innovative Career Orientation Program with no equivalent worldwide.