Career rEvolution

Career rEvolution


Career orientation and entrepreneurship

“If everyone was in their element, this world would be a much better place and a much richer place”.  Career orientation, career development, but most importantly a new vision and culture of what career is, is needed for young individual to processes in an ever changing job market and a world in which jobs disappear, and all traditional concepts of the career development are disturbed.

The need

Many young people lack strategy for decision making, they are connected with their values or have not developed a core – ability to rely on guiding principles/ values. They lack resilience and motivation, lack focus and ability to respond to challenges. In short there is a huge need for young people to develop their core – values, decision – making strategy but also to know what their element is – the intersection with their talent and passion.

In a world in which professions are disappearing, new ones appearing and the job market changes dramatically young people lack a compass – the ability to orient themselves in the new environment and operate beyond popular myths.

The business is constantly remarking young employees lack basic skills to be successful on the job, lacking personal effectiveness, organisation skills, ability to manage focus and time. At the same time talented young individual are no perfroming to the full of their potentail as they lack the skills and mindset to become masters in their fields.

Entrepreneurship is becoming a buzz work but the attitudes, skills and mindsets are not developed in a in- depth adequate way. Thus there is a need for a deeper understanding and work on the DNA of what entrepreneurship is – a way of thinking and living more that starting a new million dollar business alone.

In the light of the above, the Edu Compass Foundation developed Career rEvolution – a system that supports young people aged 15- 25 to build a successful career. The program has two age- specific parts:

Career rEvolution aimed at young people age 15-19, who are about to enter universities and chooses their studies. This program focuses on orientation, profiling, basic plaining and career building skills.

Career rEvolution 2.0 aimed at universities students aged 19-25 that focuses on success skills and mindset, job- how skills and career plaining and management skills.

Career rEvolution is a unique methodology for vocation and career orientation for young adults. It blends in a highly effective and innovative way coaching and personal development practices, counseling, psychology and mind techniques, social and spiritual education providing a solid frame each young individual needs at the wake of their life in order to find his element and purpose, define a career path and choose the steps ahead. The methodology takes all social pressure off parents and children about the choices they make and guides them through partnership and contribution to the idea of the life purpose and vocation of a young person as well as teaches practical ways to work, improve and advance in his career based on that.

In a world where finding your purpose and building a satisfying career becomes more and more challenging, where the abundance of information and the global stereotypes impair the authentic life and career choices Career rEvolution provides alternative path to successful career by creating:

  • Awareness in young people of their element and vocation
  • Methodology for career orientation and career development of young people

Thus striving to:

  • Improve the youth unemployment rate
  • Improve the overall satisfaction of the young people from their career
  • Decrease the school dropout rates as well as those of criminal active and substance abusing children

Who is this for – divide and conquer or include and succeed?

We disrupt the status quo – organisations focus either on privileged kids or disadvantage ones. We believe in a world  of inclusion and cooperation, thus we address both groups and we bring them together through a scholarship program for our courses and programs from underprivileged kids. The scholarship program is aimed to be 50% of the program and is supported by sponsorship.

Our main target audience for Career rEvolution is: 

  • Children from disadvantaged social background (in social institutions, from criminal and substance abuse background or in neighborhood schools with poor quality of education and less opportunities to grow).
  • Children from privileged social background (attending private schools where information, opportunities and quality of education are superior).

Our main target audience for Career rEvolution is: 

Through our activity we have found that the success in both cases comes to common principles and we have built our methodology and system around them.

Our main target audience for Career rEvolution 2.0: 

  • university students from all backgrounds who are looking for more than just a career, who are looking to build a life of success and have major impact on their environment.

Success stories for the Carrer rEvolution Project:

So far the Edu Compass Foundation has provided several stand-alone initiatives for youth career orientation and motivation. We have joined forces with Able Mentor to coach their mentees.

And Wishbox to lead trainings with young people at the targeted age. We regularly organize seminars and training events using the self-coaching board game The path of Dreams.

Career Orientation for ABLE Mentor – the Edu Compass foundation conducted a one-day workshop for ABLE Mentor for career orientation. Huge success with amazing follow – up.

Path of Dreams Program for Youth – the Edu Compass foundation designed and conducted a workshop on career orientation for WishBox.

Path of Dreams Program Workshop – another of the many workshops conducted by the Edu Compass foundation

Career rEvolution has been launched for various funding program financing by the Edu Compass Foundation in partnership with educational and youth organizations from the UK, Italy, Denmark and Turkey. It will be subject to further enhancement