Elitsa Kostova has been teaching cultural studies over 4 years and has led many cultural workshops and taken part in the organization of an international Cultural Arts Festival in Bulgaria. With extensive experience and observation of similar programs in over 4 countries she has developed the initial version of COOLT methodology. Maria Harizanova, with passion, in – depth knowledge and several projects in the field of culturology and anthropology as well as literature help polish the methodology. Karina Karagaeva with passion and experience in theatre and talent in music contributed to the enriched of the entre program. Martin Petrov help gamify and make the learning process sustainable based on his unique experience and methodology. COOLT is the jewel of our team, ready to be scalded up and bring all the value it has already brought though the individual work of our team in a greater scale in such an important field as peace education.

As a scale up COOLT has been launched for funding by the Edu Compass Foundation in partnership with educational and youth organizations from Spain, Italy and Georgia. It will be subject to further enhancement in 2017 when it will be applied in associated partnering schools in Turkey, Spain and Bulgaria.

We deeply believe one of the best preventions of war is education. In the same time, being realists, we are not observing this prevention to work as well as needed. A systematic approach is missing which takes into consideration deep transformational process, sustainable learning and holistic engagement of the individual in the learning process. Based on our experience of transformational coaching and developing methodologies with high results, with love and passion for peace, we created Coolt.

Coolt is a methodology and educational curriculum for cultural understanding and dialogue, cultural heritage awareness in young students aged 12-17.

Coolt methodology and program have been developed and implemented as part of the Cultural Studies program at the Anglo American School of Sofia and the program has been taught for 3 years with great success.

As a scale up COOLT has been launched for funding by the Edu Compass Foundation in partnership with educational and youth organizations from Spain, Italy and Georgia. It will be subject to further enhancement.

The project aims to instill cultural understanding, understanding of differences and different perspectives, appreciation of cultural tradition, heritage and values. Its main purpose is to bring these to the life of young people through practices and wisdom which can be applied in life.

The cultural studies program is highly practical providing different perspectives on healthy living, dealing with conflicts, coping with different stages in one’s life and at the same time provide deep insight on cultural values. It also examines prejudice and practices which may go against human rights. The values the project instill are the one at the core of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the ones of global citizenship and sustainable development. Through the lenses of the local and foreign culture and with highly engaging activities young people are taught this values, but also given a chance to explore the benefit those holed for themselves.

The project aims to create a methodology and content for peace education which can be used in:

Formal education as part of social studies curriculum, history, geography and more

Informal education in workshops, trainings and all other activities which touch the matter of peace, cultural understanding and interculturalism.

As a stand – alone program by institutions willing to provide such course as part of their curriculum/ programs.

The target audience of COOLT is young children aged 12- 17 in minorities and from poor social background, attending schools with low – budget and minimal educational opportunities. Often those kids find themselves in a conflict between the values and practices at home and those in their school or local community resulting in anxiety, violence and other negative behaviour. The aim is though this project to make the target audience know and understand both their and the host culture better and have a personal compass of shared values. The project aims to instill both critical thinking and understanding and provide a foundation for ethnic communities to reconcile cultures. COOLT also facilitates educators, social workers and all engaged in peacemaking and education for peace by providing a comprehensive, innovative framework and methodology for teaching cultural diversities and peace.

If you are an educational organization or a youth working organization sharing the values promoted by COOLT you are welcome to join us in this incredible project here (button) or contact us in the Contact panel.