Dream School

We are happy to announce that our team successfully completed the first workshop of the project “Dream school” – a joint initiative of the “Dreams in Action” Foundation and the “Edu Compass” Foundation.

The project was implemented for the first time with children from 140 SOU “Ivan Bogorov”, Sofia, and consists of development of boldly dreaming skills, confidence and attitude for success, skills for setting and achieving goals. At the heart of the concept is the idea of ​​personal responsibility and power of each individual to create one’s life and environment.

We are motivated by the beautiful dreams of children, their “thirst” to make them happen for a better world in which they live, and their brilliant ideas for their “dream school”.

As a tangible result of the two-day workshop, children will create their dream classroom, will give a positive example to improve the school environment and will show that the change they want to see in their life is in their hands.

The second workshop, during which children will actually realize their ideas for their dream classroom will happen next Saturday, and in the meantime they will buy all the materials needed to create the dream classroom.

Expect more news and pictures from the classroom – a dream becomes reality! 🙂

And do not forget that dreams, projects and our goals come true only if we work to make it happen! 🙂

Today was the second wonderful and fruitful day of the workshop “dream school” – a joint initiative of “Dreams in Action” Foundation and the “Edu Compass” Foundation.
Children from 140 SOU Ivan Bogorov worked on their wildest dreams, planning, creativity, worked as a team and realized their own ideas! The result – they turned their math classroom into a dream classroom!

The children learned especially how to achieve their goals and how to make their dreams come true!