The Compass Club

Compass Club – the ultimate talent incubator 

Who is this for?

The Compass Club is a club is for young people aged 17-25 who are ambitious and want to build a career and life of ultimate success and impact in their environment.

The need

Key success skills, attitudes and mindsets are not developed at schools or universities and exist mainly as expensive opportunities, available to few. At the same the business constantly noting that young employees do not create high value and lack basic personal organisation skills to do the job right which costs quite a lot to all parties. The Compass Club is established to disrupt this reality and the stereotype of young people an their unpreparedness for the demands of the work market by providing the right training, environment and inspiration for success.

The Compass Club is meant to prepare the next generation of game changers – leaders, innovators, people who deliver high value and get their organisations, business and communities to a new level. How? You might have heard of the fancy corporate trainings, leadership workshops and entrepreneurship incubators. We bring the skills that are the DNA of career success to the youth – before they enter an organisation we prepare them for success. Furthermore we provide members with what is the sole success factor according to the top business consultancy companies – personal effectiveness and greatness (skills for time management, focus management, mental and emotional fitness and interpersonal skills).

We do that in 4 ways – the 4 pillars of the Club:

  • every season we provide state-of-art training on success skills, game – changing mindset and building the attitude for success
  • every month we meet students with different professions and different success stories of success which helps them decode how to succeed in different areas
  • we send the Compass Club members to our trainings and events across Europe and the world with our partners
  • we organise meetings between the business and young people which provides opportunities for both

For all members of the club we also provide profiling, using one of the most trendy profiling systems – Human Design. In addition we provide members with the unique Compass Success Program – members of the club who begin an internship with the foundation receive personal coaching, certificate and other training rewards.

Our exclusive partner for the Compass Club is C Team – leading HR and recruitment agency.

Our partners in preparing the next generation of game changers are AISEC Bulgaria and ABLE Mentor.

Be the leader of tomorrow, join us here.