We know that by providing career orientation and entrepreneurship trainign we are helping many young people. However we aim at sustanable change that includes all the stakeholders and players to make sure young people are prepared to create a better present and future for themselves and their communities. 

We believe that schools, universities and institutions have the potential to create very valuable and contemporary education through the use of a systematic approach in improving the efficiency of the whole system. When this approach is applied consistently, many positive changes manifest.

The four main stages of the systematic approach are:

A. Mission and Values.

We know that it is fancy for schools to have mission statements, vision statements and value statements. Yet what makes a difference is how these are practiced in the classroom and in all the process the school is involved with (hiring, professional development, internal policies, curriculum design, assessment, classroom management, interconnectedness of roles etc.). We also know that how these are practiced in the classroom is vital for the school culture which breeds success of each student. The Foundation team has developed a process that helps educators and school administration live their values on a day-to-day basis, connect with them and even use them according to their own culture, style and beliefs.

We also assist schools and educational organizations revisit or redesign their mission and values in a way which is inclusive and takes into consideration the needs and background of all stakeholders.

B. Mindset, heartset and Centeredness

There is nothing more important for educators and educational administration that connecting to their inner motivation, seeing their job a mission and maintaining passion in their daily routine.  While many see these as inherited attitudes, we know they can be built and expanded the way we observe while training educators and trainers. We have developed a complete training program to build and support those attitudes.

Of particular importance is the motivation of teachers, educators and all participants involved in the education process. When all of them see their work not just as a job but as a personal and life mission and working with passion – the value of everything that is being done is multiplied for all participants. We have developed a comprehensive training program to build and support these attitudes.

C. Structures and processes

Sustainable improvement is based on the right structures that embody the mission and values, but also on the effectiveness of the processes and procedures involved. Building and managing processes is essential to the success of teachers and educational institutions in their mission, objectives and tasks. We design a process map and a single workflow that ensures the continuity of mission and vision.

What we offer to schools, universities, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions:

  • Improvement plan based on initial diagnosis process
  • Consultation on how to carry out the improvement plan or improve a given aspect of the organization
  • Program/ curriculum building – we can help schools build learning programs, design and/or implement curriculum in the most effective way, according to their values and mission
  • Career orientation courses/ programs/ individual sessions and consultations – We are experts in career coaching and career orientation and we know it begins early on. We have carried out quite a few courses, programs and workshops amongst youngsters with amazing success and are ready to tailor our programs according to the specific needs of a school or educational organization and their audience.
  • Service Learning program creation and implementation – Our team carries service in their heart and has seen many service learning initiatives both excellent and not excellent. Over the years we have developed a simple yet effective and value-driven system to help schools develop and implement Service Learning programs.
  • Creating and implementing a training program. Our team is very passionate in its work to achieve excellent results. Over the years, we have developed a simple but effective and straightforward system to help organizations develop and implement effective training programs.

Who are those services addressed to?

We have worked for and with different educational organizations and bodies and are aiming to help schools and Universities – both private and state public – as well as NGOs achieve bold goals, improve effectiveness and have impact.

Why choose us?

We know that the education system is complex and heavy. The time of the people in it is never enough. At the same time, in the modern world of innovation, technology and social networks, modern youth is becoming more and more confused and increasingly confused about choosing a desired area, education, training, work or even hobby. Their motivation for development is dynamic – with peaks and falls.

Our educational products and services are the necessary tools by which teachers, educators, trainers and all people involved in the education process can provide the true value of young people in their education, training, career and personal development. We give ready-made solutions that save time and effort, make the education system lighter and more efficient, the work of teachers easier and more enjoyable, the satisfaction of young people even bigger.