Mentorship and adventure

The Edu Compass Foundation and ABLE Mentor – a new mindblowing season of mentorship and adventure

ABLE Mentor gathers high school students and prominent experts in a network for sharing of knowledge and experience. Together they solve practical cases from the reality, build competencies and skills and discover opportunities for further development of their education and career. Students and experts are joined in teams of two based on their personal interests in order to work on projects in the fields of entrepreneurship, social causes and personal development. The concept of ABLE Mentor consists in the individual mentorship and trust built within the teams. The ABLE Mentor is launched and administered by ABLE (the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs).

This spring The Edu Compass Foundation joins ABLE Mentor for a third time in the new season their mentorship program. We have already performed twice our signature workshop VOCCESS Youth (Vocation, Career, Success) from which we keep keen memories and fun pictures.

During an intensive one-day workshop we will share our experience and insights with the young people on the three key concepts we base our philosophy on:

  • Finding vocation we often lack in life
  • Building the career we dream of
  • Achieving the success we aspire for

In an interactive and challenging exchange we will destroy myths, provoke minds and build awareness and skills. As usual the Edu Compass Foundation has prepared signature training materials and follow-up activities which will be available to all ABLE mentor students present at our workshop.

The date is May 25th  Let the adventure begin!