The Compass Club

The Compass Club


The Compass Club is a club for young people aged 15-25 interested in shaping their reality and developing as young leaders, entrepreneurs and game changers. Those who have special interest in volunteer, social and environmental causes, art and science and who are motivated to both develop themselves as individuals and have a positive impact in their local community and beyond.

The club meets 6 times a year providing meaningful workshops and training for its members, has an online community for sharing resources and learning opportunity and most importantly involves its members in the  projects organized and co- organized by the Foundation. The projects are in the realm of career development, entrepreneurship, impact and leadership, personal greatness and peace education. What we offer is continuous and sustainable learning, along with community building. For each project we make careful selection of the participants, follow up and provide sustainable learning opportunities, volunteering opportunities and training for all our club members.

The goal of the club is to empower young people to shape their environment and become fulfilled individuals with high personal, interpersonal skills and ability to create their reality.

What we offer:

  • Free individual consultation and interview for applying in the club
  • Individual coaching to develop a career plan
  • state- of – art training on personal efficiency, effectiveness, leadership, manganese and impact
  • meeting the business for great opportunities
  • opportunities to develop your own projects, enhance your CV and portfolio

How you can take part:

  • Club member – If you are between 15 and 25, looking to explore and utilize exciting opportunities for personal development , achieve bigger impact in your community and contribute in a meaningful way to our society – our club is for you. We are very happy to invite all young and ambitious people regardless of their social background to join our youth club and to contribute in the best way to it and to their own communities later on.

To join the club,click here.

  • Mentor – if you are an expert and passionate activist in your professional area you can become part of our mentors committee and help young people to realize their potential and achieve greatness in their lives. A mentor will be able to help with personal consultations and public speeches, deliver workshops and embrace the opportunity to share his/her knowledge, personal and professional experience and contacts with all club members voluntary.

Support the club:

  • Become a mentor
  • Become a sponsor
  • Become a partner / partnering organization
  • Help us spread the news and reach more people