The Dream School

The Dream School


The Dream School is one of the most successful projects recently done on student leadership and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. The project allows students age 12-18 to ideate and put in practice a project of their own to improve the environment of their school. Students take leadership to create their dream school by coming up with a feasible idea, planning and executing it. In the process students lobby for their idea among teachers and peers and take responsibility to maintain what they have created.

The project consists of three workshops with the group of students participating. Prior to the workshops, the Edu Compass Foundation team gives an inspirational presentation on leadership and entrepreneurship for the entire school and enrolls participants based on a selection procedure of how motivated students are to participate. Students receive a certificate.

  1. The first workshop of the series of tree is a foundation of creating a vision and setting a goal. Students learn and experience how to create an authentic vision and how to set a goal they will execute. The methodology of the workshop includes transformational coaching which helps students uncover their values and passion and put it in practice.
  2. The second workshops couches students to create a project out of their idea. It emphasizes planning and project management skills – planning time, resources, determining responsibilities and outlining the stages for the realization of their idea. At this point students develop planning skills, time management and resource management skills.
  3. In the final workshop participating students put in practice their idea after the planning stage and the tasks preceding the actual execution of the idea, the communication and presentation of the idea for the community. Students put in practice what they have planned and worked for thus far.

The team of the Edu Compass Foundation, expert in mentoring entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and starting business, experts in coaching and project management provides unique mentoring, coaching and inspirational experience which can only come through the blend of particular expertise of the Edu Compass foundation team.

A video from the Dream School Workshop