Voccess Online

Voccess Online


Voccess Online is taking career orientation, career coaching, success skills digital. It is the digital HR and Career coaching hub for youth. Born out of more than 10 years experience in the field – developing career methodologies, career orientation courses and the ultimate AI technologies  the project is build on a conceptual level with substantial research behind it. It is a finalist project in Founders Institute London in 2016.

After 10 workshops, one methodology creation, and a board game release, Voccess has been launched for financial grant on European level by a consortium led by the Edu Compass Foundation in partnership with educational and technology organizations from the UK, Italy, Turkey and Macedonia. It is by far the most scalable and ambitious project of ours which we aim to launch till the end of 2017.

Voccess Online is an educational online platform for career orientation for young people that helps them identify and build a career they will love. It has 4 main elements:

  • compressive profile building and virtual coaching to help determine the best career/ education path
  • online goal setting tool with progress traction that helps users to achieve one – or many – career goals
  • online learning hub – job-how skills, success skills build trough video material and online reflection and interactive activities
  • a system that collects and suggest adequate leaning/ internship/ job opportunities based on the profile

The platform is designed for people age 17-20. It is a blend of educational materials and experiential learning – users do real – life challenges, reflect and learn from them.

Voccess is a system that helps people find their element and gain career success.

We focus on three main areas:

1) Creating individual profile of strengths and talents (the element),

2) Developing success skills and success mindset and

3) Setting goals and acting on these goals to get the career one wants. We also create communities of people who are interested in achieving their goals and establish bonds of support, exchange and creation of knowledge.

4) Finding the right opportunities

The platform blends educational part – understanding the process of building a successful career – and experiential learning – real life challenges and reflection. It is gamified which ensure engagement. It uses the scientific suggestopedia method which taps into the unconscious reserves of the mind and proves over 80% success rates in both learning and personal growth. We innovate through bold combination of elements that no one else has even thought of combining.

What is Voccess in short?

Online education system of 4 modules, which is gamified and provides in addition to the learning material and real life challenges in the core of the program videos and educational jog- how materials. In addition it creates communities of like – minded people who share resources support each other.

How the system works –  two main elements:

Educational materials and job how – the passive/ listener part

Users are presented with videos and articles in the form, as well as numerous real life examples and learn the main aspects of creating a career. More importantly they gain understanding of the process and how it can work for their particular case.

Experiential learning – the active part

At all points users are asked to do challenges and activities in their daily life and reflect on them through a series of questions. All refection are fed back to the user and revisited. In the course of the program,users are asked to make real choice,plans about their career and execute them.

The philosophy behind the program:

The element is where people are most productive, effective, inspired and energized. In their element people create value for themselves, their companies and society.

Career success is not uniform. We help people determine their core values, live a lifestyle and have a career that is congruent with those. We also focus on some universal pillars of success such as: recognition, remuneration, growth, flow. By flow we mean the emotional and mental state of satisfaction, creativity and inspiration.

Career means path, road. We look at the career in a larger perspective – we include hobbies, volunteering, social work and self development as part of one’s path. All of these are loned and when one creates the lifestyle/ path congruent with his/her values and needs, s/he has created a life of meaning and joy.

Personal and community – we help our users gain personal success by living their values and life vision and we also inspire and equip them to have a positive impact in the world they live in

Who are our clients?

Young individuals who are choosing higher education, starting a career or lack clarity on their future career path, aged 18-25. Individuals who value individual success and contribution and who have many potentials/ talents to fit. The estimate market size of anglo saxon students within the age group is 4.8 million.

How is the system gamified?

The online has levels that users reach by completing certain elements of it. Just like in any game there are challenges with increased complexity to get to a next level. In addition users complete side tasks to gain superpowers which allow them to move the last level.

The platform is built around simple metaphors and leading characters who present both the educational information and instructions. These metaphors speak to psychologically universal archetypes of the psyche and use the main pillars of suggestopedia.

Key element of the program:

An educational part in the form a video and reading on the topic of the section

personal profiling activities which are at the end of the program compiled into a personal portfolio which can be used in application processes challenges and practice activities a pool with videos from people from different professions sharing their path all mentioning 4 key elements: mindset, challenges, success skills, the one thing that changed the game for them.

The four modules are:

  • Personal profile and the element
  • Vision and goal setting
  • Action plan
  • Execution and success traction

In addition each user has access to a JOB HOW section with videos which give specific examples on how each module and practice activity is translated into career success.


Each user who completes the program gets a certificate for it. In the long run we are aiming to have our certification recognized both by universities and employers.

Business model:

Our main revenue stream is subscription. The total price for the program is 160 euros. Discounts and partial scholarships are considered.  User can pay the entire amount once or choose a monthly payment scheme. The first module is free and anyone can join in.